Performance Tours

The members of Cultural Tour Consultants have made performance tours for Choirs, Orchestras and Bands, in Europe and other destinations abroad, their specialty for many years.  We know what it takes to find appreciative audiences world wide. [Read More]

Perform in Front of Appreciative Audiences!

Tour Ideas

The tours listed below are just a few samples of the different types of Performance Tours we can arrange – but the possibilities are limitless! We can create a tour around your group’s specific focus and ensure it is enriched by unique venues and the embracing of local culture!

Austria Performance Tour

Austria is synonymous with the very best in classical music and famous for its performing arts. Imagine hearing your choir perform in Haydn Hall at Esterhazy Palace, famous for its near perfect acoustics. You can sing evensong in the Sound of Music Wedding Church or perform the music of Schubert and Bruckner in the location it was written for. Follow in the steps of Mozart and Strauss, visiting the locations where the great composers lived and wrote some of their most notable works. There are so many options for performance venues from historic abbeys and baroque pilgrimage churches to alpine village pavilions, joint concerts with local musicians and music festivals. Whatever type of performance you seek, Austria can provide it.

Choir Tour to Canada

Tour with your choir to Ontario and Quebec. Visit and perform in Ottawa, and on to Montreal where choirs are invited to sing at Notre Dame Cathedral and St. Joseph’s Oratory. In Québec City joint performances with local choirs will be planned around sightseeing in the only UNESCO site in North America. Take a day trip along the Beaupre Coast to visit and sing at St. Anne Basilica. Stop at a sugar shack on Ile d’Orleans and perform at one of the historic churches on the island. If you plan to travel in June, consider participation in Le Mondial Choral in Laval. Here your choir will sing in Laval’s most beautiful churches before enthusiastic audiences, and take part in in seminars, lectures and master classes.

Eastern Europe Performance Tour

Eastern Europe has a strong choral tradition and the audiences are warm and welcoming. Imagine your choir performing in Ljubljana, Budapest, Krakow and Prague. Joining with a local choir to sing for a worship service, performing in a perfectly preserved medieval village, or singing in a Cathedral that is a UNESCO world heritage site. The feel of old Europe is disappearing but can still be found in these cities and the surrounding countryside. Your local tour manager will describe their life under communist rule and the changes that have taken place since. Meet survivors of the atrocities of WWII Eastern Europe. Visit mountain villages where the crafts of the countries are still produced by hand. This is more than a performance tour, it’s a chance to live history and experience different and disappearing cultures.

Choir Performance Tour in France

The most exquisite churches are to be found in nearly every small town and village of France. The Church built beautiful structures to welcome and house the pilgrims of the Middle Ages who crossed France en route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain and to Rome. This rich architectural heritage provides choirs with beautiful venues offering excellent acoustics. You may perform in Notre Dame de Paris but your most memorable performance may very well be in a small town of Provence. Cultural Tour Consultants maintains an impressive network of host choirs throughout France who are delighted to welcome visiting choirs. Receptions and buffet dinners often follow the performance when American and French singers become acquainted and continue the music in a relaxed setting enhanced by good wine!

Performance (choir) Tour of England, Scotland and Wales

Here is an example of the many ways to tour Britain with your performing group. Begin with your flight to London to sample all the capitol has to offer and perform in a historic venue. In Salisbury, sing in the Cathedral. Nearby is Stonehenge and Bath with its Roman and Georgian history. Visit and perform in Stratford-Upon-Avon, then continue to Chester and North Wales. Here is the home of the Llangollen Musical Eisteddfod and many Welsh male choirs, who are happy to share their music with visitors. On to the Lake District to absorb its peaceful beauty and finally to Edinburgh to sample its cultural, culinary and sporting traditions, and sing in St. Giles Cathedral, the high “kirk” of Scotland.

Choir tour of Ireland

Perform with your choir as you discover the warmth and beauty of Ireland. There is a wide range of performance opportunities throughout the island.  Sing at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, where Handel’s Messiah was first performed, and in towns and villages throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Consider making application to participate in the Cork Choral Festival, taking place every May since 1954.

Along the way, hear Irish music of all kinds, from Opera to pop music, and traditional Irish music with its unique accompaniment of bodrán, violin and harp.  Literature and theater, history, language, music and heritage are all part of Ireland’s distinctive traditions.  Cultural Tour Consultants will create a perfect blend of concert performances while immersing your group in the culture of Ireland.

Italy Choral Performance Tour

A choir tour to Italy can include performances at two of the most famous churches in the world: St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican and Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice. What an honor to begin and end your tour singing during Mass at these phenomenal venues! To complement the program, we suggest a series of joint performances with local Italian choirs in small towns and villages of Umbria and Tuscany where audiences are most substantial. You will sing in churches which, although less well-known to Americans, are undeniably architectural jewels with superb acoustics. The enjoyment will continue after the performance at receptions offered by the host choirs. And let us not forget the exceptional sites to be seen along the way: Rome, Pisa, Florence, Spoleto, Siena, Venice and more.

Orchestra Performance Tour in Spain

If you’ve already traveled with CTC to Spain, you are undoubtedly familiar with Oriol, our “man on the ground” in Spain. Thanks to his insight, contacts, and persistence, CTC is able to offer incredible venues for orchestral groups to Spain. A recent tour included the major Youth Orchestra Festival in Segovia, the Colors de Musica Festival in Andorra, on the “terrace” of the Castle of Montjuic overlooking the city of Barcelona, and a performance in El Vendrell, birthplace of world renowned cellist Pablo Casals in cooperation with the Pable Casals Foundation. Audiences often numbered in the 1000s. When it was feared there would not be enough chairs at a performance in Barcelona, Oriol was seen transporting more on his motorcycle! With this kind of determination and dedication your tour is certain to be a success!

Choir Performance Tour in Turkey

As a performance tour destination, Turkey is like no other in Europe. Where else can you perform to 1500 people alongside an ecumenical choir made up of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim singers? The venues range from Catholic Churches to modern concert halls to a village square in Cappadocia surrounded by homes carved from rock formations and inhabited since the first Christians arrived from Palestine in the early 1st century. You might perform at the oldest Christian Church in the world near Antakya or be welcomed in a village by Armenian schoolchildren singing traditional songs. Turkish universities are anxious to welcome visiting American university choirs and some organize annual choir festivals in the spring. Wherever you sing, you will feel the warmth and sincerity for which the Turkish people are known.